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Definition of comprehend:

  1. To comprise or include; to contain in the mind; to conceive; to understand.


gripe, hug, cover, pass over, enshroud, bosom, get over, apprehend, make, cover up, lay hold of, dig, collar, snatch, compass, report, ensnare, dig out, cut into, perceive, cut through, get the picture, jab, carry, clutch, see the light, breed, catch, delve, make out, pick up, toil, nail, cop, brood, register, extend, labor, address, entrap, wrap up, seize, hatch, nab, secure, cognize, hold on, decipher, insure, continue, take in, subsume, sense, fall/fit into place, hide, tumble, comprise, stab, twig, dig up, get across, behold, catch on, savvy, entail, contain, prod, capture, have a feel for something, have, grasp, accept, plow, shroud, see, turn over, conceive, treat, deal, work out, arrest, track, get the idea, involve, knowledge, traverse, embrace, excavate, grind, poke, upon), circumnavigate, intuit, get, follow, cross, cut across, adopt, encompass, number, clasp, quail at, grip, underwrite, make sense of something, include, hollow, compensate, take hold of, incubate, overcompensate, sweep up, deduce, moil, grok, appreciate, labour, handle, espouse, spread over, overlay, embody, fathom, squeeze, take, ken, decode, cotton, travail, drudge, overtake.

Usage examples: