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Definition of construe:

  1. In a dead or foreign language, to arrange words in their natural order and to translate them; to interpret; to explain.


go out, demystify, get a line, image, experience, discover, realise, read, envision, find, take care, catch, run across, be quick/slow on the uptake, hear, attend, date, visualise, realize, learn, get word, figure, assure, regard, fancy, witness, enucleate, perceive, view, make out, run into, determine, escort, ascertain, render, explain, get wind, insure, go through, see, make of, control, consider, look, illustrate, check, simplify, words, demonstrate, put, come across, illuminate, watch, explicate, take, enucleate, define, picture, expound, get across, find out, rede, study at explain, unriddle, spell out, meet, visualize, clear, translate, pick up, represent, ensure, take in, understand, elucidate, infer, explain, examine, decipher, go steady, see both sides, project, encounter, interpret, see to it, reckon, decipher, clarify, visit.

Usage examples: