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Definition of exaggerate:

  1. To amplify; to magnify; to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth ; to delineate extravagantly ; to overstate the truth concerning.
  2. To heap up; to accumulate.


color, overdo, lay it on thick, blow up out of all proportion, fabricate, make a mountain out of a molehill, overcolor, inflate, hyperbolize, play up, overreach, build up, expand, misquote, misreport, lay it on thick, blow up, lay it on with a trowel, lie, give color to, carry too far, falsify, overdraw, elaborate, burlesque, magnify, make too much of, overemphasize, pretty up, stretch the truth, make a big deal of, stretch the truth, lay it on, blow up out of proportion, romanticize, romance, hyperbolise, overcharge, sling the bull, paint in glowing colors, enlarge, hyerbolise, draw the longbow, go to extremes, amplify, overcharge, enlarge on, overstate.

Usage examples: