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Definition of misdirect:

  1. To give a wrong direction to; as, to misdirect a passenger, or a letter; to misdirect one's energies.


misadvise, stretch, complainant, deceive, overturn, dispirit, cloud, invalidate, load, demoralize, let down, violate, challenge, relocate, impair, lead astray, dispatch, pack off, misguide, betray, mess up, convolute, overthrow, twist, alibi, sophisticate, dilute, counteract, aggrieved, bring down, spoil, corrupt, foul up, desecrate, outrage, send, fall short, slip up, instruct badly, void, trip up, the court, countermine, stumble, taint, misinform, expert witness, farm out, the accused, ship, appellant, subvert, abuse, deprave, bribe, defile, pervert, blunder, sabotage, bundle off, debauch, twist around, profane, adulterate, misaddress, demoralise, parachute, route, mar, debase, undermine, buy, vitiate, deflower, misuse, sully, miss, defendant, weaken, get down, alloy, err, grease one's palms, dismay, post, deject, depress, lead off, cast down, mislead.

Usage examples: