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Definition of corrupt:

  1. Corruptly.
  2. To turn from a sound to a putrid state; to taint; to deprave; to pervert; to bribe.
  3. Unsound; tainted; vitiated; not genuine.


mist, misguide, botch up, flub, baffle, bodge, rot, evil, compatibility, fog, fluff, good, lead astray, despoil, crooked, round-shouldered, decadent, vitiated, mishandle, dilute, asperse, mollycoddle, dapple, cloud, bumble, misaddress, cunning, cross, case-sensitive, baby, praetorian, convolute, rape, unconstitutional, throw back on, pamper, overcast, damage, dubious, misdirect, dismay, compatible, outrage, corruptible, bought, underhanded, reprobate, indulge, haze over, clandestine, tarnish, sneaky, demoralise, putrefy, buy, maculate, depraved, clean, defame, hunched, libertine, denigrate, decode, misleading, injure, sold-out, putrid, extortionate, close, cast down, buffer, overthrow, bollix up, cocker, demoralized, asynchronous, muff, foul up, ball up, fumble, plunder, incline, frustrate, shady, unwholesome, profane, sabotage, subvert, round-backed, alloy, stain, antivirus, pervert, befoul, dispirit, sophisticate, besmirch, smear, unreliable, augean, weaken, bribe, unlawful, unprincipled, predispose, foul, undermine, void, take its toll, thwart, load, violate, imperfect, abuse, loose, mess up, purchase, demoralize, warped, unhealthy, depress, spoil, perverted, tainted, perverse, deprave, befog, scotch, defile, wrongful, countermine, slander, deflower, abort, unclean, harm, sick, boot, honest, rotten, flagitious, mercenary, hurt, dissolute, impair, crash, emulate, pretorian, unscrupulous, hold sway, botch, dishonest, sully, mottle, taint, infect, bobble, debauch, deliver, stooping, stretch, smirch, bilk, sordid, counteract, screw up, display, bursty, clickable, miscreant, bollocks up, self, dirty, overturn, stooped, illegal, go bad, deject, mold, jackleg, active, becloud, mark, wrong, defective, nefarious, illicit, bungle, foil, influence, decompose, misuse, bribable, fallacious, rakehell, mar, unauthorized, coddle, calumniate, backward-compatible, louse up, featherbed, fixed, implant, unethical, immoral, itch, underhand, get down, untruthful, low, invalidate, rakish, twist around, decay, bollix, best-of-breed, blow, venal, vitiate, grease one's palms, condition, cosset, motivate, purchasable, enter, debase, degraded, muck up, bollocks, debased, bring down, obscure, corrupted, molder, obnubilate, dissipated.

Usage examples: