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Definition of privy:

  1. A place of retirement; a necessary house.
  2. Assigned to private uses; not open or public; secret; admitted to the joint knowledge of some secret; admitted to state secrets.


individualized, posterior, lav, peculiar, mystical, unique, outbuilding, rear, commode, behind, canful, pot, hugger-mugger, behind-the-scenes, bum, outhouse, sneaky, idiomatic, secret, particular, buttocks, patented, annex, separate, informed, inside, stern, hole-and-corner, keister, hindquarters, tooshie, hidden, seat, prat, fundament, orphic, can buoy, arse, trick, stool, john, tin can, cloistered, secluded, nates, washstand, toilet, buns, subjective, mystic, butt, tin, can, backside, underhand, rear end, cloak-and-dagger, undercover, confidential, washbasin, tail, washbowl, rump, folly, esoteric, encampment, tail end, personalized, awning, bath, gutter, occult, sneaking, surreptitious, jakes, carport, underhanded, lavatory, stealthy, whoremonger, reclusive, unavowed, bottom, toilette, private, fanny, covert, singular, clandestine, throne, furtive, intimate, whoremaster, tush, lapa, underground, specific, backstairs, sneak, flush toilet, hush-hush, hind end, mysterious, personal, bathroom, stealth, earth-closet, basin, marquee, nonpublic, hushed, crapper, annexe, derriere, sequestered, potty, sewer, ass, personal.

Usage examples: