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Definition of vermilion:

  1. A bright red pigment consisting of mercuric sulphide, obtained either from the mineral cinnabar or artificially. It has a fine red color, and is much used in coloring sealing wax, in printing, etc.
  2. Hence, a red color like the pigment; a lively and brilliant red; as, cheeks of vermilion.
  3. To color with vermilion, or as if with vermilion; to dye red; to cover with a delicate red.


orange-vermilion, chrome-red, vermilion-tawny, vermilion-scarlet, Dutch vermilion, Chinese vermilion, chromatic, vermilion-red, cinnabar, orange red, scarlet, vermillion, French vermilion, scarlet-vermilion, orient vermilion, antimony, chinese-red.

Usage examples: