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Definition of bring:

  1. To cause the accession or obtaining of; to procure; to make to come; to produce; to draw to.
  2. To convey to the place where the speaker is or is to be; to bear from a more distant to a nearer place; to fetch.
  3. To convey; to move; to carry or conduct.
  4. To persuade; to induce; to draw; to lead; to guide.
  5. To produce in exchange; to sell for; to fetch; as, what does coal bring per ton?


do, grow, lease, call, constitute, shore, serve, appear, clear, remove, ask, represent, arrive, satisfy, run to, stupefy, ferment, occasion, accompany, generate, act upon, sour, acquire, subscribe, claim, engender, commence, result, involve, engage, look at, give, recreate, express, fiddle, meet, sustain, lend, produce, fetch, escort, found, walk, arrest, amaze, arraign, effect, aim, take aim, gravel, receive, charter, shape, go, lead to, stir, net, flirt, take, sell, sire, pay back, deliver, bugger off, stick, drag in, study, use up, introduce, pose, wager, become, assume, kick in, offer, talk, shepherd, beat, cultivate, catalyze, argue, occupy, mold, obtain, derive, command, be burdened with something, breed, get away from, turn, create, bet, dumbfound, toy, gross, loan, puzzle out, tally, prevail on, operate, declare, result in, find, plant, equip, contribute, rent, puzzle, resource, put to work, take up, add together, lick, give rise to, pick out, put up, put down, ingenerate, process, translate, add up to, afford, consume, bestow, move, take on, wreak, act as, beget, beat around the bush, make for, work out, get together, tote up, require, supply, withdraw, cite, buzz off, bring about, forge, bring down, set out, work on, hold, draw on, act, drive, realise, convert, call for, come to, add up, make, schlep, nonplus, bring before, stray, admit, playact, experience, need, guide, scram, lift, add, lead, choose, take in, incur, get hold of, consider, train, convey, fix, set off, cause, run, postulate, take away, bewilder, confer, pass on, develop, set ashore, tot up, hump, transmit, baffle, encounter, sell for, perplex, flummox, trigger, capture, tot, institute, yield, return, chip in, pay, set down, invoke, channel, prevail, total, start off, film, conduce, work, append, down, read, come up with, select, adopt, haul off, get under one's skin, come by, cater to, learn, land, provide, sum, pack, set about, sum up, father, establish, stimulate, talk into, bring around, get, begin, exploit, get off, arrange, suffer, appeal, form, contain, fill, deal, invent, spawn, shoot, bring forth, haul, catch, bring on, affirm, shoot down, spiel, convince, start out, play, impart, function, shoulder, digress, mystify, submit, summon, summate, touch off, direct, gain, hire, persuade, come out, earn, figure out, diddle, amount to, crop, bring in, wander, ingest, get down, knead, realize, win, pick up, mould, prefer, accompanied, solve, contract, pay off, accept, demand, let, exact, exercise, dally, roleplay, inaugurate, influence, effectuate, communicate, leave, prompt, start, persuasion, come, subscribe to, trifle, necessitate, secure, do work, pull in, have, vex, strike, mother, argue into, allow.

Usage examples: