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Definition of accuse:

  1. Accusation.
  2. To betray; to show. [ L.]
  3. To charge with a fault; to blame; to censure.
  4. to charge with an offense, judicially or by a public process; - with of; as, to accuse one of a high crime or misdemeanor.
  5. To charge with, or declare to have committed, a crime or offense


hold accountable, press charges, point the finger at, commit, prefer charges, challenge, find fault, bear down, saddle, institutionalize, attack, bring up on charges, hang something on, shoot, buck, tear, bring to trial, point, pin something on, connect with, shoot down, reprimand, bring into court, rouse, file a claim, fix the responsibility for, recriminate, fault, have the law on, hold responsible, slur, hold against, charge up, serve with a summons, consign, smear, brand, appoint, law, bring charges against, file, charge to, betray, lodge a complaint, libel, slander, impeach, put the screws on, level, commove, excite, put the finger on, arrest, load, apprehend, declaim against, bring home to, reprove, turn on, bill, lodge, imply, tax, appeal to law, pin the blame on, incriminate, praise, send, fasten on, bring proceedings against, summon, institutionalise, haul into court, hall into court, criminate, agitate, inform against, cast blame upon, burden, complain against, involve.

Usage examples: