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Definition of conjecture:

  1. A guess; a supposition; an opinion formed on very slight evidence.
  2. To form an opinion by guess or on very slight evidence; to surmise.


ruminate, reckon, excogitate, supposition, appraise, think, muse, suppose, reflect, study at guess, estimate, speculate, meditation, surmisal, chew over, opine, hypothesise, dead reckoning, scheme, theorise, mull over, speculation, judge, system, guesswork, measure, come up with, hypothecate, hypothesis, possibility, supposal, say, guesstimate, a stab in the dark, contemplate, hit on, theorize, sum up, venture, think over, overestimate, guessing, guess, ponder, presuppose, job, meditate, infer, draw a conclusion/an inference, conceptualize, hypothesize, mull, surmise, shot.

Usage examples: