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Definition of proof:

  1. Able to resist something; impenetrable.
  2. Evidence; testimony; test; trial; any effort, process, or operation to ascertain truth; that which convinces the mind and produces belief; capacity of resistance, as fire- proof, water- proof; firmness or stability of mind; a standard strength of spirit, containing nearly equal weights of pure alcohol and water; an impression taken from a form of type, or from an engraved plate, for examination and correction.


voucher, stand up for, shelter, consequence, investigate, pagination, edit, imperviable, avoidable, reason, impervious, pen name, assay, compress, trial impression, mark, censorship, bowdlerize, bestselling, safe, check, authorship, append, innocuous, preventable, AA, defend, controllable, inference, shield, resistive, secure, testament, Alcoholics Anonymous, true, Al-Anon, sign, resistant, argument, dependence, resist, deduction, protective, delete, censor, ground, editorial, sound, insusceptible, proofread, slip, warrant, dramatize, creative writing, pointer, cogent evidence, abuse, keep (a) watch, wherefore, designated driver, why, binge drinking, test copy, conclusion, unsusceptible, save, smoking gun, harmless, alcoholism, authorial, Under prove, condense, safeguard, pull, adapt, suggestion, protect, testimonial, cheers, immune, cut down, cut, delirium tremens, essay, guard, attempt, revise, tryout, watch over, the color of someone's money, induction.

Usage examples: