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Definition of fowl:

  1. Any bird; esp., any large edible bird.
  2. Any domesticated bird used as food, as a hen, turkey, duck; in a more restricted sense, the common domestic cock or hen ( Gallus domesticus).
  3. To catch or kill wild fowl, for game or food, as by shooting, or by decoys, nets, etc.


chicken, goose, chick, ptarmigan, stewing chicken, quail, razz, turkey, snort, squab, wench, Cornish hen, birdie, moorfowl, hoot, poultry, capon, razzing, grouse, hiss, duck, dame, raspberry, boo, skirt, cock, doll, hen, partridge, wild fowl, game, prairie chicken, domestic fowl, shuttlecock, peafowl, dove, shuttle, pigeon, swan, guinea hen, pheasant, woodcock, bird.

Usage examples: