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Definition of lecture:

  1. A discourse on any subject; especially, a formal or methodical discourse, intended for instruction; sometimes, a familiar discourse, in contrast with a sermon.
  2. A rehearsal of a lesson.
  3. A reprimand or formal reproof from one having authority.
  4. The act of reading; as, the lecture of Holy Scripture.
  5. To deliver a lecture or lectures.
  6. To read or deliver a lecture to.
  7. To reprove formally and with authority.


lather, language, ride, lambast, rally, blab, manner of speaking, CBI, bother, portend, get at, mouth, yack, yap away, allocution, delivery, bawl out, call down, alert, get to, parade, oral communication, chew, lambaste, welt, expatiate, jaw, evoke, voice communication, rate, chafe, underdress, rile, blab out, rag, talking, utter, call on the carpet, public lecture, speech communication, warn off, forewarn, chew the fat, oration, have words, caution, nettle, confab, criticism, yack away, slash, irritate, verbalise, tease, natter, chaffer, shell, lecturing, strap, upbraid, let the cat out of the bag, quibble, flay, reproach, harangue, devil, sound/raise the alarm, chew up, talk, claver, crush, rebuke, descant, talk of the town, talking to, declaim, peach, dedicate to, keelhaul, inaugurate, hammer, tantalize, take to task, manducate, chide, chat, commemorate, whip, confabulate, chit-chat, remonstrate, spoken language, spoken communication, words, conjure, direct method, gossip, home schooling, vanquish, prelection, reproof, tongue-lash, grumble, chastise, ream, speech, taunt, declamation, whistle, shoot the breeze, deliver, baste, vex, scold, beat out, discourse, twit, raise, score, spill, reprimand, actor's line, claver, arouse, lash, bait, berate, point out, rant, criminate, tantalise, frustrate, censure, annoy, classroom, dun, put forward, blended learning, address, bedevil, denunciation, tip off, rail at or, grouch, gravel, visit, razz, diatribe, dialogue, cane, masticate, castigate, field trip, edutainment, cod, dialog, nark, crucify, spill the beans, babble out, conjure up, warn, give, dress down, trounce, chair, beat, verbalize, chew out, rattle on, flog, bring up, remonstrance, stir, attack, call forth, sing, invoke, torment.

Usage examples: