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Definition of pedestal:

  1. A casting secured to the frame of a truck and forming a jaw for holding a journal box.
  2. A pillow block; a low housing.
  3. An iron socket, or support, for the foot of a brace at the end of a truss where it rests on a pier.
  4. The base or foot of a column, statue, vase, lamp, or the like; the part on which an upright work stands. It consists of three parts, the base, the die or dado, and the cornice or surbase molding. See Illust. of Column.


groundwork, viewpoint, al-Qa'ida, stall, standpoint, basis, base, standstill, infrastructure, foundation, alkali, support, root, radical, floor, al-Qaeda, nucleotide, home, fundament, al-Qaida, sales booth, bag, bandstand, root word, plinth, point of view, base of operations, stem, cornerstone, stand, tie-up, understructure, column, substructure, radix, foot, outdoor stage, theme, footstall, rack.

Usage examples: