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Definition of perverse:

  1. Obstinate in the wrong; stubborn; intractable; hence, wayward; vexing; contrary.
  2. Turned aside; hence, specifically, turned away from the right; willfully erring; wicked; perverted.


opinionated, inflexible, hard, petulant, pigheaded, corrupt, pertinacious, degraded, warped, inconvincible, waspish, unhappy, snappish, loose, support, unyielding, contrary, raspy, peevish, malapropos, ridiculous, mulish, infelicitous, good, decadent, tenacious, adverse, ornery, rakehell, incongruous, pat, froward, kinky, stuffy, untoward, ossified, dissipated, extreme, misrepresented, wayward, adamantine, snappy, fiery, crotchety, willful, wrong, stubborn, headstrong, unrepentant, cranky, hardened, unapt, clean, unregenerate, flagitious, grouchy, cross, miscreant, factious, implacable, snippy, dissolute, depraved, crabby, inept, reprobate, unclean, ungovernable, obstinate, unrelenting, quick-tempered, bullheaded, rotten, testy, graceless, dogged, disobedient, choleric, unfit, impossible, attitude, obdurate, negative, contrarious, inapposite, snippety, wilful, irritable, rakish, irresponsible, hard-nosed, fractious, childish, pettish, intransigent, sick, unwholesome, irascible, indecorous, intractable, hysterical, prickly, libertine, amiss, demoralized, hardheaded, stiff-necked, difficult, jackleg, balky, unreasonable, unhealthy, uncompromising, unsuitable, unbending, self-opinionated, inapt, irrational, twisted, resist, unbecoming, unseemly, immoral, snarky, adamant, immovable, cussed, grumpy, absurd, incorrect, perverted, ratty, short-tempered.

Usage examples: