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Definition of petrify:

  1. Fig.: To become stony, callous, or obdurate.
  2. To become stone, or of a stony hardness, as organic matter by calcareous deposits.
  3. To convert, as any animal or vegetable matter, into stone or stony substance.
  4. To make callous or obdurate; to stupefy; to paralyze; to transform; as by petrifaction; as, to petrify the heart. Young.


kill, hold back, deaden, boil up, concrete, suppress, ossify, boil over, interfere with, cloud, paralyze, boil, geld, break down, castrate, rigidify, atomize, dampen, shut off, cake, lapidify, boil away, solid, stamp out, desiccate, affect, congeal, shake up, startle, cut into, squeeze out, kill off, stun, numb, damp, set, clear, benumb, chill, astonish, wither, desiccate, frighten/scare the wits out of someone, clarify, harden, devitalize, enervate, stupefy, indurate, dry, bake, lobotomize, bubble, solidify.

Usage examples: