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Definition of posit:

  1. To dispose; to range; in logic, to lay down, as a position.


bow, call down, evoke, call for, confirm, contend, demand, desex, ask, mend, state, set up, present, fasten, assert, point to, fixate, announce, repair, presume, belief, reckon, relegate, bank, furbish up, touch on, nominate, show, fix, make, put up, pass on, assume, prove, express, situate, ready, suppose, call forth, wedge, give in, defer, declare, specify, resign, lodge, subject, doctor, sterilize, conjure, cook, pay off, arouse, set, put in, stir, take, conjure up, involve, stick, vouch for, bring up, limit, reconcile, presuppose, submit, make/prove your/a point, sterilise, put forward, unsex, secure, pronounce, raise, desexualise, accede, restore, desexualize, place, determine, certify, say, require, validate, premise, tell, bushel, postulate, support, define, gear up, render, prepare, pay back, locate, get, need, invoke, deposit, necessitate.

Usage examples: