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Definition of retch:

  1. To care for; to heed; to reck.
  2. To make an effort to vomit; to strain, as in vomiting.


pant, spill, choke, upchuck, contrive, surge, muzzle, barf, sanctify, lift, fret, vagabond, suffocate, be sick, warp, disgorge, vomit, quip, hurtle, stray, ptyalise, shake off, gasp, tramp, couch, cast, throw off, throw, gag, heft, hurl, redact, spit, regurgitate, heave up, mould, drop, roam, reproduce, puff, shed, heaving, put, flush, cronk, claxon, blare, heave, cat, ditch, drift, mold, project, toot, raise, spue, spew out, spew, wander, toss, pat, rove, heft up, chuck, scour, throw up, vomit up, purge, ramble, draw, swan, frame, eruct, regorge, beep, buckle, range, strangle, honk, ptyalize, purify, roll, throw away, cast off, puke, billow, sick.

Usage examples: