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Definition of shack:

  1. A hut; a shanty; a cabin.
  2. A shiftless fellow; a low, itinerant beggar; a vagabond; a tramp.
  3. Liberty of winter pasturage.
  4. The grain left after harvest or gleaning; also, nuts which have fallen to the ground.
  5. To feed in stubble, or upon waste corn.
  6. To shed or fall, as corn or grain at harvest.
  7. To wander as a vagabond or a tramp.


sea chantey, lodge in, camp, train, cabin, put up, house, shotgun shack, hovel, lighthouse, tag, shed, dog, chanty, live, populate, reside, hutment, bathhouse, rotunda, repose, good, field hut, dwell, baths, trail, rest, rich, hooch, go after, drop back, domicile, igloo, trudge, chase, hut, give chase, chase after, chantey, hole, get behind, domiciliate, shanty, people, tail, track, inhabit, hang back, drop behind, drag, army hut, colonnade, car park, occupy, hutch, geodesic dome, schoolhouse.

Usage examples: