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Definition of spite:

  1. Sudden or fitful ill- will; hatred accompanied with active annoyance or injury.
  2. To do with a desire to vex or annoy; to annoy; to thwart.


anguish, offend, maliciousness, malevolence, bruise, throttle, meanness, malignity, malignity, viciousness, antipathy, venomousness, hatefulness, Ill-will, ache, annoyance, inhibit, hostility, hold back, suffer, despite, embarrass, go against, scandalise, scandalize, animosity, vengefulness, outrage, rancour, nastiness, harsh feeling, transgress, temper, breach, burden, appall, fury, grudge, despitefulness, filth, contempt, malice, shock, malevolency, ill will, poisonousness, plague, anger, bad blood, resentment, violate, count against, malignance, let down, asperity, grudge, appal, cattiness, forgiveness, filthiness, revenge, contuse, vindictiveness, hate, hate, malice, mood, pain, break, disadvantage, acrimony, infract, injure, smart, foulness, rage, hurt, attitude, despite, wound, malevolence, malignancy, enmity, vindictiveness, bitchiness, hatred, spleen, spitefulness, venom, bring up against, pique.

Usage examples: