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Definition of thirsty:

  1. Deficient in moisture; dry; parched.
  2. Feeling thirst; having a painful or distressing sensation from want of drink; hence, having an eager desire.


waterless, thirst, geeked, motor, bushy, gung ho, excited, nuts, hopped-up, rainless, hepped up, sere, droughty, creeping, juiced, stoked, seaworthy, algal, athirst, thirsting, antsy, enthusiastic, absorptive, aquatic, eager, biennial, concern, express, bare, flex-fuel, dry, wild, greedy, crazy, keen, heavy, great, ardent, avid, armored, spongy, androgynous, agog, aromatic, roadworthy, voracious, hungry, desirous, absorbent, pumped, barren, enthused, raring, amphibious, bursting, arboreal, anxious, vehicular, solicitous, automotive, hot, dying of boredom/hunger/thirst etc., bibulous, impatient.

Usage examples: