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Definition of throb:

  1. A beat, or strong pulsation, as of the heart and arteries; a violent beating; a papitation:
  2. To beat, or pulsate, with more than usual force or rapidity; to beat in consequence of agitation; to palpitate; - said of the heart, pulse, etc.


baton, hammering, blast, pulsate, neuralgia, exhilarate, growl, gurgle, pound, beating, fur up, thrill, shudder, repetition, groan, beatify, babble, tickle pink, bang out, kill, stifle, bother, throbbing, hammer, fizz, arrange, sounds, grunt, atmospherics, eina, palpitate, putter, trouble, blast away, back, pounding, quiver, cluck, moan, pulse, articulation, exalt, flutter, shiver, buffeting, clot, hemorrhage, lurch, inebriate, accompany, haemorrhage, bleed, beat out, jump, tickle.

Usage examples: