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Definition of pound:

  1. A public enclosure for the safe custody of cattle found straying or doing damage.
  2. A standard weight in Eng. of 16 oz., or 7000 gr. avoir.; 12 oz., or 5760 gr. troy or apoth.; a unit of money, of 20s. or 240d., so called from formerly weighing a pound.
  3. To shut in or confine in a public pound.
  4. To stamp or bruise in a mortar; to pulverise by beating with a pestle; to strike or beat with something heavy.


power hammer, puzzle, stinger, stifle, pose, Cypriot Pound, chastise, punting, gravel, hammering, lick, buffet, lumber, shell, douse, hammer in, drill, game reserve, thrash, intrude, outwit, euro, stupefy, carpet-bomb, thwack, larrup, whack, hook, bomb, flap, swipe, bay, pry, slam, poke, pound off, bleed, force, thud, wash up, nonplus, nose, cram, tucker out, slug, sequester, clap, switch, impress, ezra loomis pound, inculcate, seize, bayonet, chock up, ticktack, stride, overreach, crack, ct., Ezra Pound, repetition, pound sign, crown, dab, log, lurch, plug, carat, bastinado, suffer, flummox, spank, box, punch, drill in, get, quid pro quo, flog, pulse, confiscate, ram, pommel, cock, chop, bunk, acre, dinar, amble, bat, torment, saunter, step, punt, clip, castigate, quid, smash, exhaust, hammer, kill, hurt, cuff, jam, smack, prod, smite, blitz, clot, Sudanese Pound, vex, dollar, weight, AUD, beat up, scourge, ticktock, jump, bruise, palpitate, slap, malleus, wad, Syrian Pound, hemorrhage, outsmart, carve up, fillip, plump, horn in, welt, trek, wallop, pounding, dig, smash into, baste, stray, overcome, stroll, bash, haemorrhage, meter maid, bang, beat in, bomb out, scramble, crush, drub, attach, counterattack, throb, bop, cent, double-park, forge, hack, double yellow line, knock, British Pound, moat, beat out, bother, Lebanese Pound, instill, pound up, wham, Egyptian Pound, flutter, BMI, nature reserve, cubic, centigram, swat, tucker, thresh, jab, park, throbbing, wander, are, Irish Pound, bump, walk, bust, rap, lambaste, tick, biff, hike, teach, trouble, bushel, pick, haymaker, whop, work over, surpass, pummel, area, game preserve, preserve, pelt, meter, reservation, lbf., lb, pound sterling, clout, dog pound, c., petting zoo, vanquish, stick, defeat, pulsate, worst, cudgel, buffeting, cu., implant, drum, impound, bewilder, conquer, detonate, run over, clamp, captivity, ram down, baffle, quiver, circumvent, collide, outfox, chew, jampack, amaze, sock, bit, mallet, stroke, measure, dumbfound, belabor, beat, mystify, motor park, drive, stab, whip, off-street parking, menagerie, ache, belt, chaw, stripe, fur up, cud, clobber, perplex, thump, dime, crash, thrum.

Usage examples: