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Definition of consequence:

  1. That which naturally follows an effect; an event or effect resulting from some preceding act or cause; result or issue; importance; influence; moment.


issue, ramification, deduction, lordliness, event, issuing, mo, resultant role, side effect, proceeds, induction, answer, bit, force, solution, haughtiness, moment, essence, outgrowth, the upshot (of something), meaning, topic, instant, upshot, burden, issue, backwash, way out, outlet, important, effect, outcome, significance, impression, take, end result, pomposity, pretension, outcome, gist, eduction, huffiness, sequitur, pretense, imperiousness, egress, government issue, development, resolution, bumptiousness, takings, number, event, determination, yield, the aftermath, pretentiousness, end, inference, progeny, assumption, effect, present moment, result, case, issuance, final result, weightiness, self-importance, masterfulness, product, publication, as a result of, payoff, consequently, result, second, signification, sequent, presumptuousness, concern, fate, concernment, significancy, core, because, child, high horse, importation, upshot, account, loftiness, subject, here and now, weight, conclusion, self-consequence, solvent, superciliousness, end product, impact, emergence, corollary, peremptoriness, harvest, hauteur, pompousness, exit, toploftiness, return, implication, termination, importee, sequel, import, resultant, magnitude, precipitate, matter, military issue, minute, consequent, aftermath, following, superiority, cause.

Usage examples: