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Definition of hinder:

  1. Of or belonging to that part or end which is in the rear, or which follows; as, the hinder part of a wagon; the hinder parts of a horse.
  2. To interpose obstacles or impediments; to be a hindrance.
  3. To keep back or behind; to prevent from starting or moving forward; to check; to retard; to obstruct; to bring to a full stop; - often followed by from; as, an accident hindered the coach; drought hinders the growth of plants; to hinder me from going.
  4. To prevent or embarrass; to debar; to shut out.


cause to delay, forbid, corner, filibuster, defeat, snafu, help, hang fire, kibosh, choke up, halter, forestall, box in, close up, draw a blank, disappoint, limit, cancel out, interfere with, end, forget, exclude, taboo, suspend, checkmate, circumscribe, obviate, bog down, contravene, bind hand and foot, render difficult, be an impediment to, hold from, get in the way of, stymy, disallow, halt, abash, set against, offset, conflict with, prohibit, invalid, hold up, defer, stall, put back, embarrass, outwit, debar, foil, preclude, freeze, barricade, slow down, hang up, immobilize, shut out, lug, spoil, pinion, stalemate, hold back, trap, strangle, trammel, pit against, fly in the face of, throw a monkey wrench into the works, block up, arrest, derange, knock the props from under, overreach, close, tie up, smother, countervail, nullify, stand in the way of, hedge, shorten, deflect, put the lid on, go against, stuff, obturate, keep in bounds, immobilise, postpone, annul, clash with, stanch, set back, withhold, silence, open, blank out, knock the bottom out of, stymie, bring to a standstill, be an obstacle to, deadlock, hold back, blockade, muzzle, seal off, block off, get in the way of, deprive, cage, occlude, terminate, parry, interpose, gag, keep back, balk, stem.

Usage examples: