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Definition of napoleon:

  1. A bid to take five tricks at napoleon. It is ordinarily the highest bid; but sometimes bids are allowed of wellington, or of blucher, to take five tricks, or pay double, or treble, if unsuccessful.
  2. A French gold coin of twenty francs, or about $ 3. 86.
  3. A game in which each player holds five cards, the eldest hand stating the number of tricks he will bid to take, any subsequent player having the right to overbid him or a previous bidder, the highest bidder naming the trump and winning a number of points equal to his bid if he makes so many tricks, or losing the same number of points if he fails to make them.
  4. A gun.
  5. A kind of top boot of the middle of the 19th century.
  6. A shape and size of cigar. It is about seven inches long.


lion, baron, mogul, snooze, sleep, short sleep, catnap, prince, tycoon, cat sleep, captain, lord, Napoleon Bonaparte, king, Napoleon I, nap, bonaparte, the Little Corporal, czar, forty winks, monarch, pile.

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