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Definition of paroxysm:

  1. Any sudden and violent emotion; spasmodic passion or action; a convulsion; a fit.
  2. The fit, attack, or exacerbation, of a disease that occurs at intervals, or has decided remissions or intermissions.


distress, blaze, excitement, outburst, flash, throe, twinge, violence, rage, pang, surge, spasm, attack, conniption, anguish, burst, upheaval, frenzy, flush, gush, outbreak, flare, pain, gust, outbreak, uproar, torment, wo, tumult, tranquillity, torture, bouleversement, cramp, fury, fit, agitation, gale, anger, ebullition, rush, eruption, peace, suffering, convulsion, tempest, turmoil, ache, explosion, flare-up, seizure, storm, calm, scene, cataclysm, furor, shoot, tantrum, spurt, earthquake, impulse, agony, passion.

Usage examples: