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Definition of plight:

  1. A network; a plait; a fold; rarely a garment.
  2. Condition; state; - risk, or exposure to danger, often being implied; as, a luckless plight.
  3. imp. & p. p. of Plight, to pledge.
  4. imp. & p. p. of Pluck.
  5. That which is exposed to risk; that which is plighted or pledged; security; a gage; a pledge.
  6. To pledge; to give as a pledge for the performance of some act; as, to plight faith, honor, word; - never applied to property or goods.
  7. To promise; to engage; to betroth.
  8. To weave; to braid; to fold; to plait.


rent, deep water, enlist, subscribe, quagmire, employ, trouble, lock, wage, wassail, hot water, salute, absorb, hole, engage, mesh, quandary, engross, engagement, study at predicament, lease, bind, drink, pledge, Dutch, betroth, pursue, hot spot, hire, predicament, corner, toast, charter, take, tight situation, easy, occupy, affiance, troth, spot, operate, soup, prosecute, betrothal, box, situation, scrape.

Usage examples: