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Definition of preface:

  1. Introductory or explanatory remarks at the commencement of a book; an introduction.
  2. To introduce by preliminary remarks; to say something by way of introduction.


predate, present, usher in, antedate, prolusion, forgo, insert, start, warm-up, addendum, acquaint, induction, make the first move, precondition, pinch-hit, go ahead, exordium, words, bring out, forego, enclose, prolegomenon, enter, precursor, premiss, precede, inaugurate, premise, tune-up, book, beat, introduce, inclose, back, body, antecedent, antecede, innovate, buildup, lead-in, blurb, bring in, put in, foreword, lead, steal a march on someone, binding, afterword, beat someone to the punch, be/stay one jump ahead (of someone), intro, infix, acknowledgments, stick in, appendix, come before, proem, artwork.

Usage examples: