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Definition of progressive:

  1. Moving forward; advancing; improving.


degressive, applied, formal, graduated, dynamic, cutting-edge, unorthodox, the faithful, fledgling, educational, diachronic, acoustic, imperfect tense, imperfect, rising, open-minded, finite, graduate, advanced, bass, broad-minded, new, advocate, modern, evolved, intransitive, harmonious, proponent, friend, front, successive, curricular, lenient, wide, imperative, proportional, unconventional, ministerial, attitude, serial, ideologue, incremental, liberalistic, bipartisan, elementary, consecutive, independent, academic, apolitical, sponsor, firm, moving, increasing, budding, reform-minded, innovative, uniform, precocious, regular, didactic, improved, methodical, in the making, bluesy, nonconventional, in its infancy, nationalist, refined, stationary, progressive tense, atonal, advancing, embryonic, flat, avant-garde, radical, future, nonorthodox, higher, growing, nontraditional, unbroken, forward-moving, coalition, impersonal, forward, politics, classical, modernised, harmonic, causative, incipient, discordant, follower, ergative, liberalist, endless, modernized, supporter, reformist, continuous, tolerant, emerging, continuous tense, uninterrupted, exponent, developed, forward-looking, adherent, high, precede, following, sympathizer, late, state-of-the-art, liberal, funky, active, dissident, broad.

Usage examples: