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Definition of repeal:

  1. Recall, as from exile.
  2. Revocation; abrogation; as, the repeal of a statute; the repeal of a law or a usage.
  3. To recall, as a deed, will, law, or statute; to revoke; to rescind or abrogate by authority, as by act of the legislature; as, to repeal a law.
  4. To recall; to summon again, as persons.
  5. To suppress; to repel.


move up, prohibit, turn, change by reversal, pilfer, extirpate, bowl over, give up, hook, snarf, revoke, renounce, tump over, abrogation, get up, go up, wind, cancellation, nobble, abstract, vacate, bring down, overthrow, raise, terminate, plagiarise, eradicate, bring up, swipe, annihilate, plagiarize, revolutionize, reverse, end, overrule, annulment, rescind, law, revolutionise, resign, recall, upset, cabbage, make, quash, nullify, turn over, abolition, uprise, countermand, tip over, supplant, abandon, sneak, airlift, come up, stamp out, lift, pinch, void, rustle, rear, subvert, abate, knock over, set aside, reversal, annul, invert, rise, remove, arise, suppress, destroy, override, purloin, continue, turn back, revocation, face-lift, abolish, overturn, filch, exterminate, withdrawal, elevate, empty, hoist, avoid, obliterate.

Usage examples: