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Definition of russet:

  1. A country dress; - so called because often of a russet color.
  2. A russet color; a pigment of a russet color.
  3. An apple, or a pear, of a russet color; as, the English russet, and the Roxbury russet.
  4. Cloth or clothing of a russet color.
  5. Coarse; homespun; rustic.
  6. Of a reddish brown color, or ( by some called) a red gray; of the color composed of blue, red, and yellow in equal strength, but unequal proportions, namely, two parts of red to one each of blue and yellow; also, of a yellowish brown color.


yellowish-brown, chestnut, amethyst, alabaster, azure, avocado, blue, baby-blue, red, chromatic, beige, bluish, brown, amber, black.

Usage examples: