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Definition of snip:

  1. A single cut; a bit cut off; a small shred.
  2. To cut off at once, as with scissors; to clip; to cut into small pieces.


grain, preen, crop, trim down, buy, pennyworth, decorate, trot, pinch, bring down, do, work, cut short, cut up, coiffe, deal, cut back, patch, morsel, apparel, pare, fleck, garb, get dressed, cartridge holder, twitch, rationalise, dress, finely, pasture, jog, tog, trimming, atom, plume, coiffure, press clipping, cartridge clip, granule, reduce, groom, curry, dress out, flash back, snip off, cut out, dribble, rationalize, trim, newspaper clipping, tweet, nubbin, squeeze, line up, tittle, cut down, hack, nip off, dress up, discerp, shave, cutting, restrict, set, particle, scruple, raiment, etch, range, crumb, press cutting, slice, browse, fit out, enclothe, curb, garment, habilitate, nip, clothe, primp, speck, steal, mote, flyspeck, prune, arrange, molecule, lop, clip, time, trim back, magazine, garnish, twinge, snippet, sever, coif, nugget, cultivate, clipping, snipping, graze.

Usage examples: