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Definition of snort:

  1. A forcible blowing of air through extended nostrils, as a horse.
  2. To force the breath through the nose with violence and noise, as a horse in prancing and playfulness.


swallow, lace, dame, peal, hushing, chuckle, darn, swig, swill, clap, tot, hoot, ingestion, shucks, abuse, shuttlecock, red cent, shot, dope, nip, groan, jeer, giggle, shit, razz, huff, cheer, OD, applaud, shuttle, birdie, deal, puff, boo, bird, chuff, click, draft, tinker's dam, fowl, blow, raspberry, slug, sip, drag, jigger, skirt, raspberry bush, breathe, come down, doll, take a hit, hissing, gulp, sup, gurgle, belt, big, jeering, drop, jack up, damn, razzing, wench, chick, dram, do, titter, snigger, mainline, quaff, snicker, laughter, Bronx cheer, hiss, tinker's damn, laugh.

Usage examples: