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Definition of sprinkle:

  1. A small quantity scattered.
  2. To scatter; to disperse; to scatter a liquid; to cleanse or purify by sprinkling.


squelch, bedew, pour, constellate, powder, spread out, speck, spew, chew, break up, smother, disperse, smatter, dust, cover, band, a little, patter, crown, circularise, center, candy cane, distribute, lash down, avalanche, splosh, mizzle, broadcast, piece, acid rain, beat down, bury, mist, smattering, wrap, stipple, bit, taster, dot, recover, dapple, strewing, bonbon, fragment, circulate, bespeckle, ptyalise, besprinkle, sample, ptyalize, curtain, pass around, candy bar, mottle, diffuse, candy, hint, fraction, scatter, stud, snow, circularize, hail, blizzard, downpour, blanket, a bit, propagate, plash, sprinkling, drizzle, spit, trace, disseminate, slush, cloudburst, insulate, coat, squish, dispel, fleck, slosh, the heavens opened, top, bespatter, spatter, come down, dissipate, candy apple, candyfloss, bubble gum, spue, skewer, couple, aspersion, dewdrop, swash, pitter-patter, spread, MARKS, sparge, splash, strike, handful, pepper, spit out, caramel, freckle, pelt, scattering, dispersion, slop, speckle.

Usage examples: