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Definition of conglomerate:

  1. A sort of coarse rough rock composed of various substances, as pebbles of quartz, flints, & c.- also called pudding- stone.
  2. Gathered together, as a ball of thread; gathered into a mass.
  3. To collect into a round mass.


manifold, compile, jumble, entangled, imperium, heap up, mixed, acquisition, abstruse, empire, meet, blue chip, account, different, involved, stack up, mingled, tangled, heterogeneous, pudding stone, variegated, hoard, get together, obscure, roll up, hybrid, garner, big business, affiliate, combo, complicated, accumulate, multiform, agent, anchor, amass, the biz, confused, tuck, collect, cumulate, complex, gain, pile up, agency, pucker, forgather, combined, intricate, base, pull together, foregather, gather.

Usage examples: