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Definition of dispense:

  1. Dispensation; exemption.
  2. Expense; profusion; outlay.
  3. To apply, as laws to particular cases; to administer; to execute; to manage; to direct.
  4. To compensate; to make up; to make amends.
  5. To deal out in portions; to distribute; to give; as, the steward dispenses provisions according directions; Nature dispenses her bounties; to dispense medicines.
  6. To exempt; to excuse; to absolve; - with from.
  7. To give dispensation.
  8. To pay for; to atone for.


hand out, make out, apply, undertake, discharge, administer, cope, serve up, circularise, spread, accord, distribute, diffuse, handle, carry on, spare, divvy, circulate, circularize, deal out, let off, relieve, dish out, command, absolve, pass out, cover, direct, lot, look at, pass on, stagger, take, excuse, portion out, collect, dole out, pass around, execute, administrate, mete out, manage, shell out, contend, over, give out, appoint, divvy up, get by, propagate, appropriate, treat, broadcast, trade, address, carry out, allot, parcel out, dish, care, make do, grapple, conduct, dish up, enforce, deal, exempt, free, consider, plow.

Usage examples: