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Definition of relieve:

  1. To cause to seem to rise; to put in relief; to give prominence or conspicuousness to; to set off by contrast.
  2. To ease of any imposition, burden, wrong, or oppression, by judicial or legislative interposition, as by the removal of a grievance, by indemnification for losses, or the like; to right.
  3. To free, wholly or partly, from any burden, trial, evil, distress, or the like; to give ease, comfort, or consolation to; to give aid, help, or succor to; to support, strengthen, or deliver; as, to relieve a besieged town.
  4. To lift up; to raise again, as one who has fallen; to cause to rise.
  5. To raise or remove, as anything which depresses, weighs down, or crushes; to render less burdensome or afflicting; to alleviate; to abate; to mitigate; to lessen; as, to relieve pain; to relieve the wants of the poor.
  6. To raise up something in; to introduce a contrast or variety into; to remove the monotony or sameness of.
  7. To release from a post, station, or duty; to put another in place of, or to take the place of, in the bearing of any burden, or discharge of any duty.


rationalise, salvage, overcome, economise, tranquillize, resign, accept, shake, supersede, correct, absorb, gruntle, buy up, beg off, quieten, spell, save up, unblock, clear, excuse, renew, preserve, buy out, scavenge, seize, succeed, keep, let out, carry through, let someone go, lay aside, abate, cope, arrogate, bring through, shut up, remediate, repeat, enrich, remedy, make unnecessary, unfreeze, divest, hush up, improve, supplant, unloose, rectify, amend, redeem, apologise, deaden, repair, pull through, quench, explain, buoy up, let-off, calm down, unbosom, tranquillise, get through, carry off, salve, ease, write, rationalize, palliate, give up, succor, brighten, take over, work out, condone, unburden, enfranchise, diminish, improve on, decrease, handle, silence, enhance, shrug off, surmount, rid, save, relinquish, adopt, substitute, exempt, usurp, optimization, economize, borrow, loose, make way (for), dispense, unloosen, unleash, throw off, shake off, lenify, change, displant, alleviate, numb, spare, manage, hold open, disencumber, assume, assuage, kill, disburden, still, lighten up, justify, lift, remove, take up, allay, give way, untie, divert, bear, keep open, boost, disembarrass, take on, slake, cut out, gentle, increase, apologize, dislodge, revitalize, replace, extenuate, swap, displace, disengage.

Usage examples: