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Definition of steward:

  1. One who manages the affairs of a landed estate; one who regulates the domestic concerns of a great family; a director of a public dinner, a charitable festival, and such like; an officer of the royal household, called the Lord Steward; in a large ship, the person who superintends the meals, & c.; a manager; in Scrip., a minister of Christ.


aviator, governess, hostess, domestic, barkeeper, aide, host, barmaid, air traffic control, defender, assistant, aircrew, purser, menial, guardian angel, captain, ally, crewman, lifesaver, porter, acolyte, slavey, innkeeper, ancillary, eunuch, retainer, dishwasher, alderwoman, barman, lackey, alderman, precaution, flunky, busboy, administrator, advance person, aid, waitress, champion, waiter, fool, copilot, agent, chronicler, custodian, keeper, administrative assistant, engineer, air traffic controller, barista, flight attendant, cabin crew, shop steward, protector, cabin boy, baggage handler, protection, bouncer, head waiter, chandler, daily, accomplice, apothecary, safeguard, shield, busser, bartender.

Usage examples: