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Definition of critical:

  1. Highly important; momentous- from crisis; nicely exact; prone to judge severely the productions of others; fault- finding.


deprecative, cynical, acrid, observant, integral, supercritical, importunate, frail, crying, necessary, hypercritical, diminutive, full of life, smart, overcritical, scathing, all-important, serious, pettifogging, satirical, imperative, discriminative, desperate, intellectual, fine, utopian, metaphysical, rejective, nitpicking, nonconformist, testing, compelling, imperious, penetrating, safety, perceptive, climacteric, appraising, scolding, decisive, lively, exact, trying, sound, trenchant, clamant, blistering, popular, sick, accusatory, urgent, reasoned, nagging, slender, barbed, incisive, intractable, detailed, censorious, dire, required, deductive, deterministic, evaluative, explanatory, meditative, severe, analytical, conceptual, flattering, carping, praise, pressing, unfit, hairsplitting, interpretive, requisite, faultfinding, vituperative, unhealthy, tiny, grave, instant, burning, judicial, exigent, little, withering, accusing, comminuted, small, infectious, value, necessitous, emergent, impossible, significant, needful, fragile, insightful, ill, reproachful, quibbling, thorny, dangerous, indispensable, difficult, ad hominem, abstract, theoretical, biting, intolerable, awkward, vital, needed, circumstantial, unwell, thoughtful, judicious, acid, must-have, sarcastic, acute, failing, grievous, life-sustaining, deciding, captious, judging, caviling, key, worse, orthodox, minute.

Usage examples: