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Definition of district:

  1. A division of territory; a defined portion of a state, town, or city, etc., made for administrative, electoral, or other purposes; as, a congressional district, judicial district, land district, school district, etc.
  2. Any portion of territory of undefined extent; a region; a country; a tract.
  3. Rigorous; stringent; harsh.
  4. The territory within which the lord has the power of coercing and punishing.
  5. To divide into districts or limited portions of territory; as, legislatures district States for the choice of representatives.


territorial dominion, turf, dominion, rule, belt, limited, rural, federal, Co., immediate, corridor, soil, lower, community, nabe, superior, restricted, airspace, breadbasket, the borderland, ward, higher, neck of the woods, partition, inferior, terrain.

Usage examples: