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Definition of province:

  1. A division of a kingdom of considerable extent; the jurisdiction of an archbishop; a district of a country, as distinguished from the capital; the proper office or business of any one.


line, fiefdom, belt, corridor, terrain, land, discipline, specialty, commonwealth, guardianship, trust, archdiocese, business, barony, territorial dominion, state, responsibleness, presbytery, parochial, dominion, possession, accountability, territory, demesne, parish, compulsion, responsibility, episcopacy, onus, body politic, firmament, scene, dependency, airspace, bag, department, deanery, bishopric, concern, politics, fief, breadbasket, the borderland, sphere, game, orbit, obligation, walk, duty, element, diocese, res publica, archbishopric, commitment, world, subject, front, state of matter, glebe, Co..

Usage examples: