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Definition of tract:

  1. A region or quantity of land or water, of indefinite extent; an area; as, an unexplored tract of sea.
  2. A written discourse or dissertation, generally of short extent; a short treatise, especially on practical religion.
  3. Continued or protracted duration; length; extent.
  4. Continuity or extension of anything; as, the tract of speech.
  5. Something drawn out or extended; expanse.
  6. The footprint of a wild beast.
  7. To trace out; to track; also, to draw out; to protact.
  8. Track; trace.
  9. Traits; features; lineaments.
  10. Treatment; exposition.
  11. Verses of Scripture sung at Mass, instead of the Alleluia, from Septuagesima Sunday till the Saturday befor Easter; - so called because sung tractim, or without a break, by one voice, instead of by many as in the antiphons.


cavity, apparatus, folder, mandala, subcontinent, organic, plat, joss stick, canal, steppe, parcel of land, idol, package, neck of the woods, bundle, portion, halo, corridor, entrails, plain, part, incense, nerve pathway, organ, ground, nerve tract, swath, frankincense, god, share, innards, chamber, pathway, parcel, clearing, the mainland, plateau, pamphlet, belt, aureole, piece of land, footpath, burnt offering, property, stretch, land, neck, piece of ground, sweep, swathe, iconography, packet, land mass, guts.

Usage examples: