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Definition of sample:

  1. A part of anything presented for inspection, or shown as evidence of the quality of the whole; a specimen; as, goods are often purchased by samples.
  2. Example; pattern.
  3. To make or show something similar to; to match.
  4. To take or to test a sample or samples of; as, to sample sugar, teas, wools, cloths.


sampling, sample distribution, representation, try on, attempt, individual, test, exemplification, archetype, hear, taste, case, foretaste, ensample, standard, illustration, pattern, precedent, try out, judge, try, experiment, seek, strain, representative, render, stress, prove, examine, assay, foresight, typical, substitute, savour, adjudicate, audition, warning, essay, exemplar, smack, unit, type.

Usage examples: