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Definition of susceptible:

  1. Capable of admitting anything additional; that may receive some change, influence, passion, & c.; tender; impressible.


aetiology, predisposed, sensitised, defenseless, discharge, humanly possible, persuadable, doable, practicable, be able to do something, aetiology, attainable, directionless, soft, exposed, fictile, vulnerable, impressionable, exploitable, nonresistant, suggestible, be easily led, unprotected, supersensitive, pliable, gutless, undefended, hallucination, sensitized, crisis, hypersensitized, subject, gullible, viable, possible, perforation, open to, liable, lame-duck, convincible, supersensitised, weak, responsive, etiology, hypersensitised, endangered, in principle, may, dehydration, unresistant, complication, subject to, weak-willed, persuasible, unvaccinated, spineless, hypersensitive, capable, chill, unwary, impressible, suasible, dewy-eyed, feasible, unguarded, nonimmune, pathology, supersensitized, wet, temptable, allergic, naive, wide-eyed.

Usage examples: