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Definition of twinge:

  1. A sudden, sharp, passing pain; a pinch; a sudden rebuke, as of conscience.
  2. To affect with a sharp, sudden, passing pain; to pinch; to be affected with sharp sudden pains of short duration.


discomfort, smart, suffering, pilfer, surge, bosom, anguish, jerk, stuff, crush, throe, rack, smart, shiver, agony, squeeze, hook, spurt, hale, eina, squash, coerce, pressure, shove, embrace, snarf, goad, thrust, rush, gouge, compress, hug, cock up, sneak, compact, soreness, top, mash, sting, prick, neuralgia, purloin, distress, swipe, lift, paroxysm, extort, flip, prick up, vellicate, ache, pain, snip off, stab, torment, stitch, outburst, filch, twirp, prickle, snip, stick, spasm, cabbage, constrict, flush, wring, nip off, nip, torture, crimp, wo, flash, shoot, fit, shot, misery, clip, contract, force, nobble, tingle, knife thrust, pinch, burn, wedge, impulse, bite, tweet, twitch, abstract, pang, irritation, squelch, press.

Usage examples: