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Definition of affront:

  1. An encounter either friendly or hostile.
  2. An offense to one's self- respect; shame.
  3. Contemptuous or rude treatment which excites or justifies resentment; marked disrespect; a purposed indignity; insult.
  4. To face in defiance; to confront; as, to affront death; hence, to meet in hostile encounter.
  5. To front; to face in position; to meet or encounter face to face.
  6. To offend by some manifestation of disrespect; to insult to the face by demeanor or language; to treat with marked incivility.


offend, insult, miff, add insult to injury, pain, irritate, displease, vilification, huff, abuse, outrage, revilement, wound, provoke, annoy, indignity, diss, give offense to, vex, exasperate, tease, pique, contumely, aggravate, offense.

Usage examples: