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Definition of brassy:

  1. A wooden club soled with brass.
  2. Impudent; impudently bold.
  3. Of or pertaining to brass; having the nature, appearance, or hardness, of brass.


snotty-nosed, brazen-faced, punk, unabashed, tatty, cheesy, impudent, cheapjack, daring, overconfident, assumptive, fearless, bold, saucy, bum, brash, brave, jazzy, presumptuous, loud, saucy, forte, sleazy, ratty, sassy, attitude, in poor taste, intrepid, specious, venturous, trashy, forward, gaudy, smart-alecky, pert, meretricious, hardy, courtesy, respect, crummy, rubbishy, snippy, forward, gimcrack, venturesome, bold, insolent, tacky, flash, blatant, rude, uppish, flip, smart, inexpensive, flashy, unashamed, bold-faced, impertinent, assumptive, familiar, snippety, bodacious, flirtatious, presuming, brasslike, brazen, tawdry, audacious, barefaced, brazenfaced, pert, dauntless, tasteless, contumelious, right, shoddy, unfearing, gilded, brash, assuming, uppity, shabby, garish, tinny, cheap, moth-eaten, malapert, bald-faced, shameless, wise, nervy, chinchy, bald, pushy, sporty, chintzy, cheeky, unblushing, fresh, showy, boldfaced.

Usage examples: