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Definition of convention:

  1. An assembly, particularly of delegates or representatives; an agreement made at a public assembly; an agreement made before a treaty or between the commanders of two hostile armies.


company, accord, dominion, traffic pattern, host, figure, formula, expression, organization, law, radiation pattern, multitude, appointment, audience, precept, concord, blueprint, heritage, shape, collection, bond, conclave, regulation, get-together, the proprieties, treaty, audioconferencing, practice, principle, pattern, method, assemblage, settlement, prescript, powwow, code, convening, huddle, agree, way, politics, linguistic rule, system, annual meeting, concourse, mode, basis, rule, radiation diagram, understanding, ally, design, protocol, bargain, alliance, axis, conventionality, recipe, group, gathering, usual, agreement, contract, accession, troop, deal, entente, form, procedure, prescription, bilateral, collect, conventionalism, colloquium, approach pattern, AGM, rubric, ethics, technique, briefing, assemble, disposition, the Geneva Convention, convocation, tactic, ruler, conscience, crowd, pact, covenant, chemical formula, throng, habit, canon, morals, standards, means, compact, normal, muster.

Usage examples: