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Definition of chicane:

  1. In bridge, the holding of a hand without trumps, or the hand itself. It counts as simple honors.
  2. The use of artful subterfuge, designed to draw away attention from the merits of a case or question; - specifically applied to legal proceedings; trickery; chicanery; caviling; sophistry.
  3. To use shifts, cavils, or artifices.


have a go at it, be intimate, mischief-making, know, craft, jiggery-pokery, chicanery, rip off, devilment, cavil, slickness, skullduggery, bicycle lane, deceitfulness, make out, have it away, drive in, hump, shaft, love, cuckold, jugglery, subterfuge, corner, jockey, carp, craftiness, jazz, betray, make love, guile, artifice, do it, hocus-pocus, roguery, legerdemain, wile, eff, carpool lane, slyness, bed, roll in the hay, screw, roguishness, trickery, shenanigan, connection, cheat, devilry, bang, sleep with, bend, have sex, hanky panky, camber, wander, skulduggery, cunning, chisel, mischievousness, get laid, central reservation, bonk, have intercourse, have it off, bike lane, chouse, cheat on, deviltry, lie with, get it on, gamesmanship, wiliness, mischief, foxiness, cloverleaf, rascality, sleep together.

Usage examples: